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Quick way to force your Philips app to update: 1. Go to the settings > My bridge part of the app and press "check for updates". 2. Power off and on the bridge. 3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to internet and the all the LEDs on the bridge are lit.
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Hue to Control RGB Strips


Im thinking about buying a single bulb and opening it up and connect to my RGB strips. I have several setups of 5 meters RGB strips arround the house. I would love to connect them to My HUE network and control them. BTW love the hue concept, i also made an interface for a popular domotica systeme called homeseer.

I know the hue is not real RGB but I think it should be possible to tap into the outputs for the LEDS. Has somebody done this before and is Philips planning to maybe release LED strip huecontrollers?



  • Hi Bart,
    we do not recommend to open up the beautiful Hue bulbs, even though I am fully with you on the enthusiasm to connect LightStrips to Hue, and would be really curious to see the result ;)
    At Philips we have some cooking on this, which we hope to bring to market not so long from now (can't be more specific than this).
    Which kind of scenarios would you be using the lightstrips if you could connect them?


  • To control your RGB strips you could get a) three Living Whites plugs one for each color channel and play with them creatively or b) ask @rmlx as he does DMX > Hue and there's a ton of DMX RGB drivers available for little money...

    The power of the Hue bulb is 8.5 Watt and your LED strip is likely to be more...
  • Moved this from Hue hardware support to Tommaso's category...
  • edited February 2013
    I think a generic led strip controller that would communicate with the hue/lighlink system would be very nice. LED strips are becoming fairly common. Just last week I was asked by a client to install white strips to light up a glass cabinet. The fact they are linear makes them useful for some scenarios where bulbs don't work.

    It would probably not be very difficult to do technically as all strips are 12v and take care of current limiting themselves. It could be based around this type of controller:
    I use these myself to control strips with Arduinos.
  • Would it be possible to create a microcontroller-based DIY ZLL client that could join to the Hue network? I am thinking Atmel/TI/Xbee, etc connected to an arduino or similar microcontroller to interpret the Zigbee commands and control the RGB lights accordingly? I am new to Zigbee and not entirely sure if this DIY approach is possible.
  • @Superadmin how would you interface the HUE with a DMX RGB driver?
  • @tpanderson See here ...
    by Ross, who is also here at as @rmlx ...
  • @bartbakels how are your RGB strips currently controlled? DMX?
  • @tpanderson the easiest solution would be get a USB controlled LightStrip, and use a miniPC as Hue interpreter. Obviously this would not be the cheapest solution! As @superadmin is saying, using DMX to control LightStrips has already been shown.
    If you like to go for Arduino + XBee (which is now upgraded to Arduino Wireless Shield -, it will surely take quite some more effort, but it should be eventually possible. If you like to watch a video instead of reading a step by step guide, this seems pretty well done:
  • edited February 2013

    Sorry for the late response. Im very exited on the possible solution Philips will offer , Maybe... ;)

    At this moment they are connected to simple (chinese) LED Drivers that are controlled by IR. Some of the strips are interfaced to My domotics System by the use of an IR controller.

    So it would be great to have a hue controllable Controller. I also will look into the option to use the living white plugs. But I doubt if that is possible.

    Maybe something which can be addressed on the HUE conference? ;)

    BTW just connected two additional LC including 2 Remotes to my HUE system. So now manual control is also possible, next to my Homeseer connection and of cource the APP


  • Thanks for all of the responses. I like what is being done with DMX control, but from what I see, these are all wired solutions requiring DMX control hardware.

    @TommasoGritti thanks for the Xbee links. I'm about to order my first batch of Xbees and will begin to play with them. From what I gather, though, Xbees do not communicate well (at least natively) with ZLL or HA Zigbee networks, so it may be a bit of work to make this happen. I may have to get some Atmel or TI Zigbee modules, but that seems more expensive and less plug-and-play. I'll be curious to see if anyone else comes up with a solution!
  • @tpanderson you are right when you say that connecting Xbees to ZLL is not a trivial task. Let us know where you are at once you receive the kits, it might be that someone else from the community will join the effort!

    @bartbakels: the idea of having a hue controllable Controller is an interesting one. I think if the direction of Xbees works out it might be a good starting block.
  • @bartbakels
    you have linked 2 LC remotes to the hub? what steps did you take to do this?
    I was not able to do this, only lights from 1 remote could be linked/controlled by the hub
  • You can link a factory new remote (reset it with the button on the back) to remote already in the HUE network by putting them together and pressing the 1-button for several seconds.
  • Juicie, already described howto. Just Link the 2 remotes to each other. be sure to press the On button on both remotes. I did not need to reset the remote btw ;)

  • I have taken apart a philips Hue Bulb and attached it to an RGB strip. I wil post the Video on youtube and put a link here soon.
  • @Gtaz19: how does it handle colors ?
  • So here is the Video of the Hue hooked up to the RGB LED strip.

    - Perhaps someone smarter than me could write a program that would make this all work better.
  • Thanks for trying !
    I'm surprised it works out of the box without voltage conversion, did you check out much voltage is output by the bulbs ? Led strips have +12v on power and the 3 color channels are ground, I assume the hue color outputs aren't ground which explains why red is always on.
  • I didn't test the voltage yet, but I'll tell you that that strip got pretty hot after being on full brightness for a while. Much more than the normal warm from the standard voltage.
  • @Gtaz19: awesome you managed to put this demo together, looks great! LightStrips are surely a very fun extension for the hue ecosystem. Any idea what are you going to do with it? Behind the TV, or underneath the sofa?
    About the fact that is getting warmer, indeed, you have to be careful not to drive the LightStrips outside their specs, otherwise it won't be safe to keep the demo on more than a few minutes. Let me check if there is anybody who can help you on this.
  • I have them placed in many areas of my place. I first placed to separately controlled strips under and behind my bed. Then I did the same to my couch, and under my kitchen cabinets. I have installed some more in random places as well on some projects. I have done a lot of home automation in general, but I'm waiting to move to a larger place I know i'll stay a while before I really go nuts... Gotta sell this place first and my wife and I are not ready yet. You can see some of my bulbs above my wife in the second picture.

    Video of Couch:
  • @Gtaz19, wow, thanks for sharing this! Looks like you got your whole house setup! I the ones you show are not Hue controlled, right? Otherwise you would have had to dismantled quite a few bulbs ;)
  • edited March 2013
    @TommasoGritti They are not Hue controlled yet, due to the fact the colors are not correct with the Hue right now. I have looked at other Zigbee controllers but have not invested enough time into anything yet. But if I can get the Hue bulb to control these, then I'll buy a whole lot of new bulbs to rip apart. I'd love to see an official strip controller from Philips though;)
  • We'll surely keep in mind your last sentence!
    About the strips getting warm, I have asked around and one of the clever guys will come back to you on this!
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