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Quick way to force your Philips app to update: 1. Go to the settings > My bridge part of the app and press "check for updates". 2. Power off and on the bridge. 3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to internet and the all the LEDs on the bridge are lit.
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.NET Library

Thought I'd ask if anyone's planning a .NET library?


  • Yes, planning on releasing it this year.

    Some demo's of the library so far:
  • Working on a C# .Net library for the Philips Hue here on
    Some items like SSDP and authorization are complete, have a look.
  • @cDima. gave it a try and made the following application

  • Hi @cDima's How is it going with your .Net wrapper library?
  • Hi all,

    I'm working on a .net API (based on portable class library) since I got Hue on 24th ;). Please find attached the first Alpha Version of the API including a Test application for Windows console and a Test application for Windows Phone 7.

    The API includes a Hue System part for Controlling your Setup and a Meethue Portal part for accessing online Scenes etc.

    Supported (Hue API):
    - SSDP & Portal based discovery of Bridge Ip
    - Register/Unregister of Application
    - Full state control (e.g. Responses from Hue update the internal object representation, etc.)
    - Getting Bridge Config
    - Full Control over all lights
    - Missing: Schedules & Groups (but will come soon).

    Supported (Portal API):
    - Get Hue Scenes from MeetHue Portal
    - Automatically apply Scenes from MeetHue Portal to your Setup

    Test-App for console:
    Detects your hue, Registers the test application, starts to download Scenes from the Portal and applies them to your Setup

    Test-App for Windows Phone:
    Detects your hue, Registers the test application, starts to download Scenes from the Portal, Shows you Details for the light Setup in those Scenes, allows you to apply Scenes to your local Setup.
    Manual lamp control (currently only switch on/off)

    All of this is rather Alpha and I did not cleanup anything but just attached my ZIP solution Folder.

    Actively looking for interested developers & feedback....

  • The .Net library we created during our hackathon is available on GitHub.

  • hey tobias, you still interested? you've gotten alot farther than I have on the windows phone front. I have both a windows phone 7 (lumia 900) and a 920 on its way.
  • @djnorocks: Yeap, sure. Just drop me an email:

    Group Support is added already, so the only missing part is schedules. I did some refactorings as well ;)

  • I'm also now creating a Hue .Net application. It's partly a learning curve for me and some web API calls but I have big plans for a great looking desktop app [which I might want to sell one day, we'll see...]
  • I am working on a C# library and Windows Store app for the Hue lights. I will be testing it on my Surface RT (don't have a WP-compatible phone). The library itself will be all async using the new async/await patterns. I am unsure if it will be a Portable Library since it lacks a lot of key functionality, such as HttpClient.
  • @MrGenie, that's pretty awesome indeed! =)
  • edited January 2013
    @eriktherod I can definitely help test if you'd like! :)
  • @eriktherod
    I was looking writing an app for surface, but I could see no way of handling scheduling, only direct control. Did you discover a way round this?
  • What I mean is that you need some sort of background service to handle scheduling when the main application is not running. I did a fair bit of reading around the subject of how this could work with a Windows RT application but came to the conclusion that it's not really possible. Background operations are supported but with very relaxed time constraints (roughly every 30 minutes) which is not good enough for fine control for schedules.

    I'm still working on my Windows desktop app and will post a link to some screenshots once progress is significant to have something pretty to show.
  • The .Net library is also a portable library and support for Windows Phone was added yesterday.
    The Q42.HueApi can now be used with .Net, Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8.
  • I've just started a .NET library for Hue, you can find and contribute to it here:
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