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Quick way to force your Philips app to update: 1. Go to the settings > My bridge part of the app and press "check for updates". 2. Power off and on the bridge. 3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to internet and the all the LEDs on the bridge are lit.
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05 How to add bulbs from another starter pack

I bought two starter pack on monday because I needed 6 lightbulbs and they didn't have single lightbulbs to sell at my Apple store.

Everything worked well for the first starter pack, I was able to plug in and control the lightbulbs 1 to 3. But then I put the light bulbs of the second pack, used the iPhone app to try to detect the other lightbulbs (let's call them 4-6) using the bridge from the first pack but it couldn't find them.

Note: The lightbulbs 4-6 works fine with the second bridge but I'd like to be able to only use one bridge.


  • According to other posts here this seems to be a problem that is not solvable right now as the bulbs in starter packs are paired with the bridge by default and there is currently no way to unpair a bulb...
  • This is quite a serious problem if this is the case - what happens if my bridge fails for any reason for one!?
  • Perhaps they'll be nice and send a new starter pack with 3 new paired bulbs :p
  • edited November 2012 Accepted Answer
    Just an idea... pair all the bulbs with a smartlink remote, reset a bridge and copy the remote to the bridge. Similar to the procedure to add smartlink devices to HUE.
  • Same issue here. Contacted support a few days ago and got this reply:

    "Unfortunately it is not possible to link the lamps from two kits together to one bridge and app. If you would like to expand your system please buy the single bulb packs. I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily. If you have any further enquiries into this matter, please contact us and refer to your case number"

    Asked another question as to what happens if the bridge fails. No answer yet. Would be nice if they can solve this in the future.
  • I just can't believe this is true. Does that mean that if I buy 3 lightbulbs independently and then connect them to a Bridge and throw the bridge through the window I'm screwed with these lightbulbs too?
  • That seems to be the case. I'm pretty sure Philips will adress this in an update...
  • @stephane you would currently need a living colors remote to reset those bulbs. in the next update of the hue app, a bulb reset function would be great!
  • I had exactly the same problem/question. I bought 2 starter packs online since they where still "on stock" online here in Germany - the single bulbs were not. So I thought - why not - I need 6 bulbs at least - and another bridge wont hurt - just in case.

    Long story short: Support sais it is not possible to connect bulbs from another starter pack to a bridge of another starter pack.
    I called BS on this from the start looking at how ZigBee works (storing the MAC adress of the controller on every device but still being able to reset this).

    So dicostar is right! If you have (or get - like me) a living colors (2nd gen+) remote you can pair all your starter pack bulbs to just one bridge - I just did this yesterday. Now I am able to control all 6 bulbs using iPhone, iPad AND the Living Colors RC - sweet!

    I am pasting an english howto now - this is for the "not round" (older) Living Colors RC
    If you have or get a "round" Living Colors RC I could translate the german howto at:
    for you.

    Part I
    Make sure Hue application is not running on ALL your iOS devices
    Factory reset remote control (off + brightness down for five seconds) | oblong RC only
    Factory reset SmartBridge (button at bottom)

    Part II
    Press button on top of SmartBridge
    –Within a few seconds, keep a LC remote control close to the SmartBridge and press-hold the off and blue color on the RC | oblong RC only
    Touch link all LC lamps and Hue Bulbs (by using the same “standard” procedure used for lamps, i.e. press and hold “On button” on a RC held close to a lamp, for Hues | extra notes remember to make sure the hardware switch is on, so power is going to the bulb, when you link a Hue buld or LC can, the light blinks white and then when you release the on button, it should go green for a momement and then to a blusish white, which looks white on Hue since I don’t think they are great at blue?)
    Touch link the RC to the SmartBridge | this is an extra step or is actually represented in Part III, so just ignore

    Part III
    Press button on top of SmartBridge
    –Within a few seconds, keep a LC remote control close to the SmartBridge and press-hold the “On” button on the RC
    Start the Hue app
    –A popup asking to find a SmartBridge will appear once again (as in the first time the Hue app had been used)
    –Press button on top of SmartBridge
    –Search for new lights (think this will be automatically asked, it does not show any found until the very end, so be patient)

    Part IV
    Enjoy. Now all lamps which have touch-linked to the SmartBridge should available in the Hue app
  • Hopefully there's a way to trigger that reset procedure from the bridge api somehow.

    @superadmin if this IS possible already then it'd be beneficial to a lot of people if philips would share it. Even though the api hasn't officially been published yet.
  • Anxiously awaiting a way to use my two starter kits in unison. Unfortunately I don't have a living colors remote...
  • Same problem here. I bought the starter kit, was impressed and invested in 9 additional bulbs ($$$ ouch!). After about 10 days, my starter kit's bridge died. I returned the starter kit (with it's original 3 bulbs) and Apple replaced it easily enough but now I can't pair my additional 9 bulbs with the new bridge.

    Not sure where to try and hunt down Living Colors remote...
  • Single packs of bulbs are out of stock most everywhere around me. I bought a starter pack hoping I could feed the obsession with those bulbs but I can't pair them to my old bridge and I do NOT have a living colors remote and I can't really figure out where to buy one. Out of stock on amazon.
  • I tweeted about the problem @meethue and received response this morning: "We're looking into it and will come back to you!" I'll post here if I get any info from Philips.
  • We have the opposite problem. Stores full of extra lamps. No starter kits. As a result people buy lamps but don't realise they need a bridge ;-)
  • I check every day for bulbs at nearby stores. Saturday evening was the first time anyone had any closer than an hour away and I didn't go. By the time they opened on Sunday morning they were gone.

    The good news is that even though they list availability in a particular store as some time in March, the bulbs do seem to trickle in here and there. Haven't been checking on the starter kits so I can't speak to that.
  • Single packs are back in stock at most stores in Pittsburgh/Ohio/DC/MD area. That's the good news. The bad news is I still haven't gotten any response from Philips on whether there will be a way to re-sync bulbs to another base... I'm not sure I want to buy more with the thought that if my base breaks i'm SOL on a significant investment.
  • Fresh from Philips via Twitter....... "It's a security measure" ; )
  • This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's not a security measure, it's an artificial restriction. I feel I should be able to pair up any bulb I bought to any bridge I bought.

    As it stands right now, if your bridge dies for whatever reason, you're instantly out $180 worth of bulbs.
  • I understand it's a matter of resetting/unassigning all bulbs as well as your bridge, assigning all bulbs to a Living Colors Remote Control and transferring the LC remote control's network settings to the Hue IP bridge. The procedure is here (nearly the same at least)... Could someone confirm it works?

  • You know we can't actually view attachments right?
  • I don't have an LC remote and am not buying one.

    I ended up returning my 2nd starter kit, and got lucky enough to find 3 single pack bulbs in my area, so I'm set for now, but I don't see why the app itself won't be updated so you can unpair/pair bulbs without buying something else, this is expensive enough as is....
  • @kalfalfa yeah that's been mentioned before. Perhaps anyone here who understands why attachments don't work? Here is the link to the document
  • Must just be a setting somewhere - either in the file upload plugin, or the user permissions. I'm pretty sure the filename should be a link rather then just text - looking at other Vanilla forums, but I'm not familiar with the configuration.
  • Reigortje fixed the multiple starterpack problem (without LC Remote):

    Thanks Reigortje, I can confirm this works like a charm. Very happy!!
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