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Quick way to force your Philips app to update: 1. Go to the settings > My bridge part of the app and press "check for updates". 2. Power off and on the bridge. 3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to internet and the all the LEDs on the bridge are lit.
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HUEY Hue Light Control System For Windows

I got the lights as a Christmas gift and quickly found out the the Hue android app is pure crap. So I wrote this tool so that I could use my home server to schedule various bulb settings. I would really like to know what you guys think. I currently have another bit code that is working that uses MS Windows Speech API to control the lights with voice commands, however the MS Speech API gets confused when the TV's on etc. If I can figure out this problem I'll also upload that code here too. Let me know what you guys think!

Also, if anyone knows how to sync the HUE bulbs to music that would be great. I'm not sure if it's possible, because the bulbs can't change that rapidly without crapping on themselves.

You can download my application here (There is an EXTREMELY detailed README.txt file):

I can't fit the full usage text in this post since I guess it's limited so here is the usage:

Registration Usage: hue.exe register [HUE Base Station IP] [your md5 hash of whatever username you want]


hue.exe register 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99

Color Query Usage (Must register first!): hue.exe color query [lamp number]


hue.exe color query 1

Light Control Usage (Must register first!): hue.exe [lamps] [action] [duration/transition/brightness/alert number]

Examples (No Spaces allowed in lamp list):

hue.exe 1,2,3 on 50
hue.exe 1,2,3 off 50
hue.exe 1,2,3 dim 125
hue.exe 1,2,3 alert 5
hue.exe 1,2,3 color red
hue.exe 1,2,3 security 5
hue.exe 1,2,3 sunrise true
hue.exe 1,2,3 sunset true
hue.exe 1,2,3 party 5
hue.exe 1,2,3 lounge 5
hue.exe 1,2,3 ambient 5

NOTE: In color mode you can select any color in your party color list.
NOTE: In security mode the lights will randomly turn OFF or ON or DIM for the number of minutes you specify
NOTE: In on/off mode the duration number is the duration of the fade to on/off.
NOTE: In alert mode the duration number is the number of flashes.
NOTE: In dim mode the duration number is the brightnes.
NOTE: In party/lounge/ambient mode the duration number is in minutes.


  • I just started playing with this and it's a lot of fun and very useful. I've been wanting to set up scheduled or triggered events and this simplifies it greatly. One issue I want to report is that when I did the initial registration the hash value in the resulting .ini was populated with the IP address. It's obviously no problem to paste the hash value in and save the file, and once I did that it's worked flawlessly. Well done!

    Feature request: Be able to set the lights to one of the predefined party colors. Something like hue.exe 1,2,3 color red

    Thanks again.
  • edited January 2013
    Hey, thanks for testing this out for me. I fixed the bug you mentioned (good catch) and added the feature you requested. You can specify any color in your list of party colors to change all the lights to. Thanks again!

    You can download the new version at the same URL.
  • Hi @hueheffner, look up MagicHue and Hue Disco in this forum, both programmed by guys who can point you in the right direction regarding sound-to-light... It seems to me the Hue lamps are pretty fast...
  • Yeah I reached out to those developers too. I can do BPM syncing but if the requests are too fast the lights either don't change at all or error out to their default "on" color (whatever the last color was before the first transition stream). Also if I try to iterate through the lights in numerical order while doing a BPM sync some of the lights are skipped. I noticed this anomaly (It doesn't always happen) while testing my party mode with rapid transitions/color/brightness changes. Thanks for the advice though!
  • edited January 2013
    Turns out I partially figured out the snap change (transition:0) issue. When I was testing my music to light code if I rapidly snap change from one color to another too fast the bulbs can't keep up that great, but if I snap change to a color then snap change it's brightness only (say from 254 to 10) to match a beat it can handle a lot of requests pretty good. It works well if your only changing 2 or 3 lights but if you try to change more lights (I have 6) then it gets kind of wonky sometimes (even using groups). I also added a security mode to randomly turn the lights on or off or dim each minute during the number of minutes specified.
  • What are the odds you could allow additional sections in the config? I like using several of the Philips "Light Recipes," and would like to build a schedule around those. Right now, my workaround is to add them to the [Party] section, and call them as colors.

  • Hey sorry for the delay got really busy with work. No immediate plans for doing that as of yet. I can check it out tomorrow.
  • Would it be possible for you to allow setting bulbs to an arbitrary color from the command line? Not a named color in the config file, but allowing us to pass the detailed values as discovered with the query command. The "light recipes" could then be made simply by calling hue.exe with the correct colors.
  • Hey Sorry for the delay, I just finished figuring out syncing to music under windows finally. I'll be updating shortly and I will add this feature.
  • Ok I got the SYNCING code working and finished. Read the SYNC_README.txt file:
  • Hi,

    your website seems offline, is there another location i can download this cool app?
  • Thank you hueheffner, appreciate your work on hue and sync! What are you planning next?
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