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News about Philips Hue

23 March 2014, LG launches a Hue competitor. Philips Hue is more expensive but offers many more possibilities and much more beautiful shades of pastel colored light, open-source apps, IFTTT and geo-fencing. Hue is our favorite smart lighting!

01 March 2014, the Philips Hue website has been refreshed!

If you are a Philips Hue user or interested in developing applications for Hue, Please join us!

You can equally find support here for novice users as well as lots of information about the Hue API, software libraries, development of Apps and linking Hue with other hardware and software platforms. is not a Philips website, but an initiative of Philips Hue enthusiasts. The Philips folks hang out here too though (thanks guys!), however if you’re looking for the official Hue website then click here!